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Patsy Ruth Jackson was born on October 20, 1953 to Sam and Pearley Mae Henson in Louisiana.  She grew up with her siblings in Castor, LA.  Patsy confessed Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the New Hope B.C. at the tender age of five.  She grew up to become a faithful and loyal member of the church and was the Sunday School Teacher, Youth Director and Superintendent.  She attended Bienville Parish Schools and graduated from Castor High School in 1971.  She went on to matriculate studies at Grambling State University and was an active member of the Art Guild and GSU Choir.  In 1975, she recieved her Bachelors of Art in Art Education.  She later received her certification in Special Education from Northwestern State University. 

Patsy began her teaching career at Ringgold and Castor School, teaching her first love, art.  She later began teaching at Coushatta High School and taught art and special education.  While at Coushatta High, she was the 4-H leader and was a mentor to hundreds fo students during her tenure.  In 1993, she returned to Castor High School and taught there until 2001. At Castor, she coached the girls' softball team to a gold medal at the Special Olympics World Games.  She was also the 4-H sponsor and was awarded Teacher of the Year.  In 2001, she began teaching Creative Art at Midway Elementary in Shreveport, LA and taught there until her death.  While at Midway, she and her students entered artwork in Shreveport's annual Art Break Festival.  Her and her students have won numerous awards and accolades.  Patsy was also an Adjunct Professor at Louisiana State University-Shreveport. 

During her professional teaching career, she traveled to many cities and states for educational conferences.  She was an active member of both the Louisisana Association of Educators and Caddo Association of Educators. 

Patsy was a talented artist.  She loved to draw, paint, sculpt, act, and photography.  She loved to write poetry and plays.  She often wrote plays that had a profound message for school and church.  She once said that if she wasn't a teacher that she would be an actress.  Patsy was in many plays and starred in "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide-When the Rainbow is Enuf" by Ntozake Shange. 

Sis. Jackson loved the Lord and He shined through her with every person she met.  Patsy touched the lives of an infinte amount of people and she truly loved everyone. 

Patsy was preceded in death by her parents, Sam and Pearley Henson, two brothers, Robert Henson, Sr. and Jackie Henson.

Patsy leaves to mourn and cherish her memories:  a daughter, LaRhonda May (Javon); two sisters Eloise Jones and Carolyn Harper; one brother, Raymond Henson, Sr.; five neices, Bridget Henson, Sheredia Condet, Gwendolyn Harper, Niki Harper, and Shanda Wheeler; four nephews, Raymond Henson, Jr., Eric Henson, Robert Henson, Jr., and Jackie Harper; a special aunt Ethel Chapple; two very dear friends, Rose Davidson and Lillie Atkins and host of extended family and friends. 

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Tributes and Condolences
Missing You   / LaCresha Richmond
Happy Birthday Aunt Patsy!! I miss you so much and because of you I learned how to be humble and caring. You were a wonderful person with a huge heart. Thank you for loving all of u and showing us a world that we would have never imagined if it hadn'...  Continue >>
3 Years...   / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )
Momma I miss you so much. Life has been different. I still have a hole in my heart. I'm still hurting and I now know that time does not heal all wounds. It's still fresh and painful. You left too soon. Oh how I wish Ronen could have known you. ...  Continue >>
Being a Mother....Like You.   / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )
Momma Today Javon Ronen and I was riding in the car. I was driving and I thought of the times when I was a little girl how we used to get in the car and just ride. We had the windows down and we would just enjoy one another. We would sing sing...  Continue >>
Miss you   / Niki Stafford (Niece)
Aunt Patsy It's funny to me how I sometimes come to this site when I need you the most.... Like I'm really getting through to you. It's almost like I'm emailing you :) I don't think there's a person on this earth that understand me the way you do...  Continue >>
Just Another Day...   / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )
I miss you. That is it. Your love forever LaRhonda
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These Past Few Months...  / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )    Read >>
2 Years...  / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )    Read >>
Christmas 2009  / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )    Read >>
I DID IT!!!!  / Niki Harper (Niece)    Read >>
Thanksgiving 2009  / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )    Read >>
The Grand-Baby's here!  / Niki Harper (Niece)    Read >>
Thank you Momma.  / LaRhonda May (Proud Daughter )    Read >>
Missing You Aunt Patsy.  / Curits Randle (nephew)    Read >>
HapPy BiRtHdAy Auntie!!!!  / Niki Harper (Niece/God-daughter)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Words from Students  

"We will miss you.  You were the best artist and art teacher I have ever had.  I have had you since kindergarten and now I am in the fourth grade.  I want you back but you are up in heaven, a better place.  You laugh and have fun with God and Jesus."  --I.S.

"I'm sorry your mother got in a car accident.  Ms. Jackson was one amazing art teacher.  We will always have her in out hearts.  Your mother was never mean, she was a nice woman.  So we will pray for her every night before we go to bed.  So you need to pray for her too.  Ms. Jackson is gone to heaven.  It is a good place for your mother." --Anonymous

"I'm veryy sorry about the accident.  I know that you feel worse than we do.  I know how it feels to lose someone you love the most."--Anonymous

"Mrs. Jackson was a very good art teacher.  She used to show us some pictures that she drew.  I loved Mrs. Jackson so much.  She was the best art teacher in the whole wide world."  -- J

"I am so sad for your mother.  I love her like she was my mother too and I really loved her.  You will be my sister."  -- D

"Dear Ms. Jackson's daughter, Your mom was really nice.  She never looked mean.  She was always calm.  She helped with our drawing.  She never screamed or hollared.  She was a very nice woman."  -- R

"I am very, very sad that I will not be able to see Ms. Jackson again. I am very sorry." -- S

"I loved Ms. Jackson!  She was talented and brave.  She had courage!"  --T

"I love Mrs. Jackson just as much as you do!  She is the best teacher I can ever have.  She is like a mother to me.  She is so nice.  She is so pretty.  She is the best of the best.  She is so sweet.  She is good at drawing."  --S

"Mrs. Jackson was the best Art teacher I've had since pre-school.  She was a beautiful, lovely, loveful art teacher.  She taught me to draw and be creative.  That's why I won Art Break.  She taught me to believe in myself.  Thank you Mrs. Jackson.  You'll always be in my heart."  -- S

These are only a few.  She inspired so many of her students.  I will cherish the creative, hand-made cards that were given to me by each student at Midway Elementary.  I thank each of you. 

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